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I like many have read the article of Jeff The Killer and it completely terrified me including the image, since the day of I read the ar...


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United Kingdom
Hey there and welcome to my DA page, visit my friends and watchers and watch them if you wish. ¬¬ BTW I'm not an average guy you'd meet. XP

Star sign: Leo
Ruler: Sun / Element: Fire / Mode: Fixed
Pole: Positive / Third: Individual / Half: Subjective

Spirit entering the realm of the individual person; ego development, setting yourself apart from the rest of the world, becoming your own person; self-expression, being true to your inner nature, acting from the heart; dawning awareness of self in relation to others.

Ego, self-centered, arrogant; fixed, stubborn, persistant; artistic or creative expression as a vehicle for revealing "who I am"; needs to be a center of attention, requires acknowledgment and approval, likes to be noticed and appreciated ("ego-strokes"); personal integrity, true to self, honorable, trustworthy; kingly, self-assured, confident.

☞ Spell out your name...☜
A : Easy to fall in love with.
B : You like people.
C : You are really silly.
D : One in a million.
E : Great in bed.
F : You love to drink.
G : You never let people tell you what to do.
H: You are Quirky.
I : You are popular with all types of people.
J : People Adore you.
K : You're wild and crazy.
L : Unbelievably great in bed.
M : You like to drink.
N : Best kisser ever.
O : Crazy.
P : Great in bed.
Q : You are a hypocrite.
R: F*ckng crazy.
S : You are dead sexy.
T : You are very loyal to the ones you love.
U : You really like to chill.
V : You are not judgemental.
W : You are very broad minded.
X : You never let people tell you what to do.
Y : Best boy/girl friend any one can ask for.
Z : Always ready.
- : Quick on your feet.

J: People adore you
O: Crazy
R: F*cking crazy
D: One in a million
A: Easy to fall in love with
N: Best kisser ever
-: Quick on your feet
A: Easy to fall in love with
N: Best kisser ever
G: You never let people tell you what to do
E: Great in bed
L: Unbelievably great in bed
O: Crazy
U: You really like to chill
S: You are dead sexy

F: You love to drink
R: F*cking crazy
E: Great in bed
E: Great in bed
M: You like to drink
A: Easy to fall in love with
N: Best kisser ever

H: You are Quirky
U: You really like to chill
N: Best kisser ever
T: You are very loyal to the ones you love
E: Great in bed
R: F*cking crazy

Real life bio

Name: Jordan Angelous Freeman.

Nicknames: Jordie and Angel.

Age: 14.

Birthday: 15th August.

Gender: Male.

Orientation: Straight.

Religion: Christian.

Political views: Rebel against Conservatives and Liberal Democrats as their shit at power.

Language spoken: English(Expert), German(Beginner), French(don't learn now).

Occupation: None(I am 14 years old).

IQ: Not determined.

Relationship status: Single.


Hair: Blondish brown(my dad has black hair whilst my mum's is brown).

Skin: Pale white.

Eye: Blue

Height: Kept forgetting.

Weight: Kept forgetting.

Nationally: English.

Build: Cannot tell.

Clothing: Mixture(sometimes)

Alternate: Formal and Casual.

Accessories- Sunglasses, glasses and watch.

Piercings- Left earring(used to).

Scars- Eczema and burns(if that counts).


Addictions- None.

Allergies- Asthma.

Diseases- None.

Disorders- Learning difficulties, social difficulties and anger issues(Knuckles much?)

Physical Ailments- Glasses(Its hard to see when at the back of classrooms).


Girlfriend- None(not yet at least)

Father- Alive. Its like average for normal people but my dad and I had a troubled childhood.

Mother- Alive. Being the eldest in her family she is strict but a friendly person.

Brothers- 4 brothers: Jaydan, Kyle, Wesley(step brother) and Leigh(step brother).

Sisters- 2 sisters: Safia and Kira.

Closest Friends- Depends if I trust them completely.

Enemies- Pricks who bullied me through primary to secondary school.


Personality- It is normally quiet but always looking for something fun to do for my family's and my amusement. I am easily angry since I inherited my dad's anger which lead to being violent and foul-mouthed. I have a docile but oblivious side. I am bit of a brainiac at history and science but hate maths.

Powers- None.

Weapons- None.

Websites and communication programs.

DeviantArt: :iconherobrinefacepalmplz:

Facebook: Jordan Freeman.

A big fan of:

Nintendo, SEGA, Capcom, Treyarch and Infinity Ward games.

Fan Character's Biography:

Basic Information:

Name: Hunter.

Nickname(s)- H.

Age- 14 years old.

Birthday- 15th August(Meh).

Gender- Male.

Orientation- Straight.

Species- Hedgehog(with DNA attachments)

Religion- None(He's Mobian).

Political Views- Like all politicians, three words: Shit, lying twats.

Languages Spoken- English(Expert), German(Expert) and Spanish(Beginner).

Occupation- Assassin for hire and weapons expert.

IQ- 154.

Relationship Status- Taken.

Physical Appearance

Hair Colour- Black.

Fur Colour- Lime green.

Skin Colour: Yellowish amber.

Eye Colour- Blue(Mistaken as brown).

Height- N/A

Weight- N/A

Nationality- British.

Build- :iconmehplz: can't tell.

Clothing style- Casual yet formal.

Alternate clothing- A black waterproof coat with crimson trousers and shoes.

Jewelry- none.

Alternate jewelry- none.

Accessories- Grey fingerless gloves.

Marks- None.

Piercings- None.

Scars- None.

Miscellaneous- None

Addictions- None

Allergies- Prone to nocturnal epilepsy.

Diseases- None.

Disorders- Anger issues.

Physical Ailments- Constant colds and coughs.


Girlfriend- Amber the phoenix cat.

Father- Unknown

Mother- Unknown.

Brothers- :iconxxlajjalxx:, Shade and Shadow(genetics)
Sisters- None.
Closest Friends- Daniel(SuperOrangeGamer), Thunder(ThunderTTH) and Rango(Rango1324).

Best Friends- JJ.

Enemies- Those who are disruptive.

Personality- Calm, Laidback, Relaxed, Angry, Hyper and Caring.

Powers- Elements and genetics.

Forms- Demon, Angel, Dark, Super and Elemental.

Weapons- Guns, Elemental melee weapons and Ninja weapons.

Zodiac sign: Leo

Chinese Zodiac sign: Rabbit

DA family



Brothers: :iconxumbrasongx: :iconxxlajjalxx:

Sisters: :iconnikki1026:


Nephews: :iconxxxzero8:




Best friends: :iconseldomblood:

Sparring Partners: :iconseldomblood:

Rivals: :icondragonholley96: :iconjj2354:

Sprite Partners:


Art Mentors:

Sprite Mentors:


Favourite Kirby Artist: :iconmoonwarriorautumn:

Favourite Mario Artists: :iconnintendrawer: :iconsaiiko:

Zodiac Stamp 'Leo' by Sharkfold
Sookie Zodiac Leo 1 by sookiesooker
Free dAvatar : Zodiac - Leo by Freesong
Free Avatar: Chinese Rabbit by FantasyStock
Avatar Zodiac - Leo by Lady-Pirate
Year of the Rabbit by QueenoftheStampede
Stamp: Elemental Faery - Fire by FantasyStockAvatars
Free Avatar: Fire Symbol by FantasyStock
Avatar Astrology - Firebender by MLJstampz
Free Leo Avatar by CitricLily
..: Lord Tourettes :.. by porcuMoose
.:Commission:. Zekon and Tron by LegoDisturbed1018

<img src="…d5oehhj.png"/>



Points and Money Comissions.
All you have to do is to either pay with points or money and i'll try to do it but sometimes i won't do artwork…
This is funny no jokes
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I've got relatives in Austrailia

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